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Say NO To The Ban On Wood Heating

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The ACT Government has proposed a plan to phase out wood heating by 2045, a decision we strongly disagree with.

We provided alternatives to the ACT Government to significantly reduce wood smoke but these were ignored.

At the Australian Home Heating Association, we’ve long championed wood heating as an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for keeping Australian homes warm and cosy. Modern-day wood heaters provide not only warmth but also environmental benefits that are unmatched by other heating options.

One of the cleanest domestic heating options available

Contrary to popular misconceptions, modern clean burning wood heaters are not the smoky, polluting monsters of the past. Thanks to advancements in technology and compliance with stricter emissions standards, today’s wood heaters emit almost no smoke. When properly maintained and operated, wood heaters can provide carbon-neutral heat.

The report on wood heater policy in the ACT, presented by the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment, has been criticised for its bias in assessing the existing policy and the true impact of wood heaters on air quality in the region. It points out that the current air monitoring network in the ACT is insufficient and lacks pollutant source data, making it impossible to accurately gauge the emissions from wood heaters.

Consequently, there is no substantial evidence to support the complete phasing out of wood heaters. The report is faulted for making false claims, such as suggesting that a lower contribution to greenhouse warming would occur if all wood heaters were replaced with alternative heat sources, including fossil fuel gas and coal-fired alternatives.

Low Operational Costs

Another compelling reason to favour wood heating is its low operational costs. Wood is a readily available and often cost-free resource for many Australians. It allows families to heat their homes without breaking the bank. This affordability is especially crucial for those on tight budgets during the current cost of living crisis we are facing today.

Unlike the United States, which provides federal tax rebates for citizens who upgrade their wood heaters to EPA-compliant models until 2032, the ACT is pursuing a complete ban on wood heaters! This transition to 100% electricity as a heating source raises several concerns. It not only places significant strain on the current electrical grid but also poses the risk of winter blackouts when heating demand is at its peak. Escalating electricity expenses are also a major worry, especially when the community will have little alternatives for affordable heating solutions.

The Impact

 If we don’t act now, local councils could bring this date forward and there will be no turning back. This issue extends beyond the mere phasing out of wood heaters; it raises concerns about the government potentially infringing upon homeowners’ rights to decide how they heat their residences. What will be next?

Join the Fight to Protect Wood Heating

We firmly believe that we can find a better solution than banning wood heating. We are urging our members, supporters, and the broader community to join us in this fight. By signing our petition, you can help secure the future of your wood heater and protect this eco-friendly and cost-effective heating option.

Together, we can show the ACT Government that wood heating is not only viable but also the responsible choice for many Australian households. We can advocate for stricter emissions standards, better education on proper wood heater usage, and continued advancements in wood heating technology to ensure it remains a clean and sustainable choice.

Let’s work together to ensure that future generations can enjoy the warmth and comfort of wood heating while keeping our environment in mind. Sign the petition today and spread the word to friends and family to protect this valuable part of our Australian heritage.

Thank you for your support, and let’s keep the fires of wood heating burning brightly in our homes for many years to come.

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