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Armidale Wood Heater Proposed Ban

Protect your rights –

The Australian Home Heating Association is standing up for your right to choose to heat your home with wood in Armidale.

Recent changes by council are proposing to ban the installation of wood heaters in all new homes and phase out existing wood heaters.

Winter wood smoke issues are NOT caused by modern, clean-burning wood heaters. Instead, it’s the older, non-compliant wood heaters that tarnish the reputation of the industry. These outdated models are responsible for the majority of emissions and air quality concerns.

Modern wood heaters boast advanced technologies that reduce emissions by as much as 75% compared to those 10 or more years ago. They have improved heating efficiency, and have been classified as a carbon-neutral heating source for your home. This makes them a sustainable and renewable heating option which is at threat of being banned in the near future!

Taking away the right to heat homes with wood will leave electricity as the only option, and has proven to be unreliable, especially evident recently in Victoria. Armidale residents deserve reliable heating options that suit their preferences and needs.

What can YOU do to voice your concerns?

Submit Your Support:

Let the council know by expressing your concerns about the proposed changes. Highlight the benefits of wood heaters – renewable, sustainable, low cost heating – and advocate for their continued availability within Armidale. Your message can make a significant impact on the decision-making.

Submissions must be addressed to the General Manager, Armidale Regional Council, and can be sent by email to

Let’s work together to defend the freedom of choice in heating options for Armidale. Together, we can ensure that modern, environmentally friendly wood heaters remain accessible to those who prefer them.

Protect your right to light!

Submissions must be received by 11.59pm Tuesday 19th March 2024.

For more details go to:

Proposed draft changes affecting wood heaters can be found in Section 3, Action C1.1, page 71 – Armidale – Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement

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