Wood Heating

Wood heating is good heating

Wood Heating is Good Heating

The Benefits of Wood Heating

The design and technology that goes into creating today’s wood heaters is a far cry from those of yesteryear. From 2016 onwards, it was established that all wood heater designs must conform to some of the strictest environmental standards in the world…

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Types of Wood Heaters

Types of wood heaters

There are two main types of clean burning fires, convection and radiant. Convection fires provide more even heat, while radiant fires heat quickly and transfer around two thirds of heat by radiation and one third by convection…

Choosing a wood heater

Selecting the right wood heater can be a big decision, and personal design is a big factor. Along with external designs there is also the option of a freestanding or inbuilt wood heater….

Australian Home Heating Association Choosing a Wood Heater

Latest News

Read all the latest news and information regarding wood heating use and regulations in Australia