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AHHA is your wood heating ally for personal and professional industry success. As Australia’s peak wood fire heater body, membership offers consumers information and confidence in aligning with certified and reputable companies. It also gives industry members assurance someone’s in their corner – upholding standards, driving positive change, and advocating for our great industry and a greener future.

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The AHHA Code Of Ethics

guiding principles for all members to uphold

Truth In Advertising

All members must ensure any statement representing their products or services are true, accurate, and able to be substantiated. All members must comply with Australian Consumer Law.

Deal With Reputable Individuals

Members will actively maintain the dignity and integrity of the Association by conducting business honestly and ethically with individuals of good character.

Public Welfare

Members shall make the largest contribution possible to the health, safety, and welfare of the public whilst carrying out installations, maintenance, and operations of all heating appliances.

Ongoing Professional Development

Members shall endeavour to continue their professional development and actively assist other Association members to develop their experience and knowledge.

Environment Responsibility

Members shall always have respect and consideration of the environment when promoting, installing, and operating all heating appliances.

Report Breaches By Members

If members become aware of an apparent breach of any of the Association rules by a member, or applicant for membership, they will immediately report the apparent breach to the Association.

Respect For Confidentiality

Members shall regard as confidential any and all information concerning the business and technical affairs of their clients, suppliers, and employees.

Report Breaches By Non-Members

Members who become aware of a non-member operating in, or making improper statements about, the heating industry shall promptly report the breach to the Association.

Association Objectives

Members shall ensure all their business activities, public statements, and actions are consistent with the objectives of the Association.

Fair Dealings

Members shall be respectful, fair, and honest in all their dealings with clients, suppliers, employees, contractors, and other Association members.

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