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ACT Wood Heater Ban

Protect Your Right to Light in the ACT

Are you prepared to surrender your cosy nights by the fire to bureaucratic decisions?

The Australian Home Heating Association refuses to stand idly by as the ACT Government threatens to extinguish the warmth and charm of wood heating from our homes. It’s time to rally together and protect your right to light!

Why We Oppose the Ban:

Wood heating stands as one of the cleanest domestic heating options available, providing warmth without harming the environment. With modern advancements, wood heaters offer carbon-neutral heat at incredibly low operational costs, ensuring your comfort without compromising our planet’s future.

Imagine being forced to trade your trusty wood heater for a costly electric alternative. The proposed ban would burden Australian families with hefty installation and operational expenses, handing over the reins of our heating solutions to electricity companies. Let’s not let them monopolise our comfort!

Transitioning to 100% electricity for heating not only strains our current electrical grid, but also risks winter blackouts when demand peaks. With limited alternatives for affordable heating solutions, escalating electricity expenses loom large over our community’s future.

Join the Movement:

It’s time to take a stand and safeguard the eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to those chilly evenings at home with loved ones. By signing our petition, you’re not just preserving your right to light; you’re advocating for sustainable living and protecting the warmth that brings us together.

Why Not Follow the US?

In the United States, they understand the value of preserving choices. They offer rebates on old wood heaters instead of enforcing bans. Why can’t Australia follow suit? Let’s demand solutions that empower Australians and promote sustainability without sacrificing comfort.

Don’t let them snuff out the flicker of hope for future generations. Sign the petition today and ensure that your wood heater remains a symbol of warmth, sustainability, and the freedom of choice.

Protect Your Right to Light!

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