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Australian Home Heating Association

Who is the Australian Home Heating Association?

The Australian Home Heating Association Inc. (AHHA) is the peak industry body, representing over 250 manufacturers, retailers, installers, maintenance companies and firewood suppliers within the home heating industry.

The AHHA provides a forum encouraging people and organisations who have a burning interest in solid fuel and wood heating appliances, and associated accessory products, to join the AHHA.

All AHHA members must comply to a strict code of ethics and association rules, ensuring that the industry is responsible, and having consideration of consumer and community attitudes.

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Join the AHHA and become part of an organisation that truly cares about the development and self regulation of the wood heating industry.

What do we do?

The Australian Home Heating Association helps to co-ordinate policy formulation, development and implementation that is relevant to the home heating industry, ensuring uniformity to the legal, technical and environmental requirements of each State and Territory in Australia.

Our partnership with Landcare Australia is based on the idea of a closed-loop system, whereby firewood is encouraged to be sourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations and when correctly managed, it will recycle carbon from the atmosphere. 

About Us What the Australian Home Heating Association Does

AHHA proudly supports the work of Landcare Australia. Read more about out partnership here.

Why the Australian Home Heating Association is important.

The Australian home heating industry started to gain momentum in the early 1980’s. With the development of efficient, convenient and desirable models of wood heaters, more Australian’s turned to wood heating. Now over 900,000 Australian households are choosing firewood as their main source of home heating.

By purchasing and using a certified wood fire heating option, recommended by the AHHA, you are supporting an association that supports those who are fostering positive change for the environment and the community.

About Us Why the Australian Home Heating Association is Important

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AHHA’s registered suppliers or service providers will be able to help choose the perfect wood heater for you. Find your nearest AHHA supplier or service provider below.

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