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AHHA is your wood heating ally for personal and professional industry success.

After applying for membership, our committee will consider your application. On acceptance and payment of invoice, successful new members will receive their Membership Package.

Join an association with purpose – an organisation at the forefront of change, innovation, and exceptional industry standards where your values are aligned, your voice heard, and your business and interests prioritised.

Membership Package Includes:

  • Confirmation Letter
  • Membership Certificate
  • Rules Of The Association

Membership Fee:
$55.00 including GST (payable annually)

Levy Fee:
$7.70 including GST per unit sold (Manufacturers & Importers only)

*All manufacturers and importers will be charged a quarterly fee based on all the units sold in that period

AHHA Membership Application Form

If you are having trouble completing the membership form, you can download the form here.