Aurora Fires.

4/1 Simmons Street,
Ballina, NSW, 2478

P +61 2 6686 8408


Aurora Suspended Fires are the exclusive manufacturers of suspended fireplaces in Australia.

All our fireplaces are handcrafted here in Australia, and we are dedicated to supporting Australian industry, and creating the highest quality Australian made product.

Merging tradition with the opportunities and potential of modern life, Aurora Fireplaces offer a stunning focal point for
any indoor or outdoor space.

Aurora Suspended Fireplaces are open Fireplaces, available as wood burning, bio-ethanol, or a wood/bio-ethanol hybrid.
Their elegant design, 8.2KW heat output, 360 degree rotation and pizza oven functionality combine to create a very versatile
and functional piece of art.

How do we work?
Aurora Fires are securely connected in the roof space, on a stainless steel ceiling bracket which is custom made to fit the pitch of the customer's ceiling.

The stainless steel ball bearing system connects the firebox to the lower flue, enabling the fire to be rotated around 360 degrees.
This unique feature allows the fire to be easily directed to face any part of the room.