Wood Heating is Good Heating – NSW environment minister reinforces.​

Wood heating is one of the most cost effective for families, and environmentally friendly fuels.

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Matt Kean environment minister New South Wales, reinforced NSW has the strongest air quality regulatory frameworks in the world and wouldn’t seek to ban wood heaters.

In the last week, a Greens politician from Armidale released information referencing a 2018 study with the findings serving the Greens political cause – the Australian Home Heating Association (AHHA) echoes one sentiment – clean air is important for our communities. It is a sustainable renewable energy and virtually carbon neutral.

Some of the information promoted by the Greens is misleading and is an attempt to promote the Greens’ agenda. Further to this, at no point does anyone offer a solution or refer to what people should use to heat their homes in preference to wood, or recognise that all sources of heating will have some emissions. Electric reverse cycle air conditioners use coal as a fuel source.

The CSIRO conducted research on wood heating by request of the government and determined that firewood produces less greenhouse gas than all other domestic heating options. This study is used to form policy relevant today. The Australian Standards for wood heating are reviewed routinely, seeing a further 60% reduction of emissions since this research was conducted.

AHHA supports comprehensive policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the sustainable management of natural areas, including biodiverse agricultural landscapes. For the past 30 years AHHA has partnered with Landcare Australia to deliver community led revegetation projects and environmental workshops for school and community groups. AHHA is committed to improving the overall sustainability of the wood industry in Australia and has made significant investments in supporting awareness and implementation of agroforestry projects that create renewable wood resources for home heating.  

Ashley Stride – Deputy Chair of AHHA said, ‘Australia has the toughest standards in the world when it comes to its wood heaters, it’s important that Australians aren’t misled with scare tactics.’

‘Millions of hard-working Australians rely on wood to heat their homes. Our industry on multiple occasions has provided suggestions to both federal and state governments that include buyback schemes to remove old units that aren’t up to the current emission standards – proposals that would actually make a difference to our environment. But they are yet to be supported.’

‘We encourage all Australians and politicians to do their research when it comes to wood heating – one of the most cost-efficient and greenhouse friendly heating options.’

Ensure your wood fire is up to date by set Australian standards, being fueled correctly, has been installed and maintained by an AHHA accredited service provider.