In most cases the best advice will come from your local Australian Home Heating Association Retail Member. They know your local conditions and in most cases can visit your home and give on the spot advice to supplying the best size and type of heater for your home and budget. In general though there are a few simple factors you need to consider.

When thinking about purchasing a wood heater there are considerations of your surrounds that need to be taken into account.

You should consider the height of your flue to allow the combustion gases to disburse appropriately. Where a neighbouring buildings/homes have different elevations the flue would need to be at least one metre higher than the building. In some areas, it may not be practical to install and use a wood heater because the flue would need to be very high to achieve minimun clearances.

Always consider safety first. Only purchase a wood heater that has been tested to Australian/New Zealand Standards. That way you can be sure it has been manufactured to all the rigorous Australian standards that apply to wood heaters.

Consider your heating needs and the output of the models you are looking at. Heat is rated in kilowatts. How many kilowatts you need will depend on where you are in Australia, the size of your home, how much glass area there is and if you have home insulation. For Example: an 18 square house that is well insulated will require a lower output than the same house with no insulation. We recommend that heaters should be sized to accommodate the average rather than the extreme temperatures. You can make a room too hot and uncomfortable by installing a heater too big for your needs. Get the advice of your local association member listed in these pages.

Before buying a wood heater, you must first decide what you want the heater to do. Ask yourself the following questions;

  • How much heating do I need?
  • How big an area/ how many rooms do I want to heat?
  • Will I be using other types of heating?
  • Is my home well insulated?
  • Where will the wood come from and how much will it cost?

If you match the heater to your needs you will be far more satisfied with its performance. When shopping around, take a copy of your floor plan with you. This will help retailers to size a unit accurately, and suggest the best position for installation.

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