Solid Fuel Heating and the Environment

upgrade your old wood heater

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Wood heating vs the environment.

During these colder months, we love gathering around the fire with the family, enjoying a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. But have you ever stopped to think about what impact your fire is creating on the environment? Here we discuss what solid fuels are, the impact of burning them on the environment, what to consider when burning wood and the future of wood heating.

What are solid fuels?

Solid fuels are solid material that can be burnt to release heat.

For example:

  • Coal – this is what most people think of when we mention “solid fuel”.
  • Wet wood – fresh wood off trees which has a high moisture content and creates a lot of smoke when burned.
  • Seasoned wood – wood that has been left to dry naturally for at least 2 years.
  • Wood pellets

The impact my wood heater has on the environment and what to consider when burning wood.

Wood heaters have improved at a remarkable rate over the past few years. So much so that they are now up to 50% more efficient than their older counterparts. In fact, they only use around 1/3 of the firewood that older wood heaters use. That means by upgrading your old wood heater, you will save on firewood, save on fireplace maintenance, AND save the environment with a cleaner, smarter flame. Wood is a renewable resource, so not only is it more cost effective compared to gas central heating, it’s actually better for our environment overall!

What impact do solid fuels have on the environment?

Burning solid fuels such as coal or wet wood can be very damaging to the environment. These types of solid fuel can release high concentrations of ‘particulate matter’ or ‘PM2.5’. These tiny particles can be very harmful to our air as well as our own health. Luckily, recent regulations in Australia have put a ban on the use of these fuels, and all wood heaters must now use properly seasoned wood, which you can pick up from a reputable fuel merchant, preferably one who is a member of the Australian Home Heating Association.

The future of wood heating. Impacts of Solid Fuel Heating on the Environment.

The latest policy implementations and research into domestic wood heating has provided Australians with much cleaner air for the years ahead. Overall improved use, operating practices and using the correct solid fuel with your wood heater will continue to see further improvements to the environment, as well as wood heating in general.

So why wait? Start your future today with an AHHA certified wood heater.

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