AHHA Proudly Supporting Landcare Australia
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Proudly Partnered with Landcare AUS

A partnership fostering positive change

AHHA is proud to be a corporate partner of Landcare Australia, a national not-for profit comprised of farmers and conservationists working together to resolve environmental issues.

By purchasing and using a wood fired heating option recommend by AHHA’s members, you are supporting an association which, in turn, supports those who are fostering positive change for the environment.

In recognising the importance of trees from an environmental, social and economic perspective, AHHA’s major financial funding to Landcare Australia is based on the idea of a closed-loop system, whereby firewood is encouraged to be sourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations.

In purchasing a certified wood heater from one of our members, you are assisting us to continue our financial support for this important community and environmental service.

The AHHA is proud to support the important work of Landcare Australia and acknowledges the thousands of Landcare, Coastcare, Bushcare, Junior Landcare and many other community environmental groups who care for biodiversity, landscapes and environment in their local area. We need Landcare now more than ever, so now is the time to get involved.


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