Our Association

The Association's charter is to provide a forum for people and organisations who share a common interest in the optimum development and self regulation of the industry relevant to solid fuel and wood heating appliances and associated accessory products to express and foster their interest in joining the Association. The AHHA co-ordinates policy formulation, development and implementation relevant to the home heating industry and consistent with the legal, technical and environmental requirements of each State and Territory in Australia.

We promote the interest and image of those involved in the home heating industry and ensure that the industry is responsible to consumer and community attitudes while retaining the maximum possible level of self-regulation.

After years of dormancy, the Australian home heating industry started to flourish in the early 1980's. The development of efficient, convenient and attractive models of wood heaters through the 1980's meant that we now have a situation where over 900,000 Australian households choose to use firewood as their main source of heating.

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