Eureka Heating

Blake Street,
Ararat, VIC, 3377

P 03 9763 2700
F 03 9763 0836
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A division of A.F Gason - Eureka Heating revolutionised the design of wood heating appliances in the late eighties when they released their Sovereign model which incorporated a radical finned heat exchanger with preheated primary and secondary air with fan assisted forced tertiary air. The Soverign became the benchmark for the industry for the next seven years. In 1996, Eureka released their Solitaire model, which was the first one-piece glass "bay view" wood heater in the world. Eureka with their new "bay window" design has again revolutionised the design criteria of the wood heating industry, and remians the benchmark for quality of construction, design, and technology second to none. The demand for the new design was so great that Eureka has seven different models, including freestanding and fireplace insert models to choose from.