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AHHA Condemns Council’s Dismissal of Community Voice in Armidale

The Australian Home Heating Association (AHHA) expresses deep disappointment and concern over the Armidale City Council’s decision to move forward with restrictions on wood heating, despite significant opposition from the local community. This decision disregards the input of residents, the majority of whom opposed the restrictions.

Out of the total submissions received, 63% of the community voiced their concerns against the council’s plans affecting wood heating in Armidale.

Despite this clear opposition, the council decided to proceed with the restrictions, including plans to prohibit any new dwellings on 4000 sqm or less from installing a wood heater.

“We are deeply troubled by the council’s actions, which show a complete lack of regard for the local community and their voice,” stated AHHA General Manager Tim Cannon.

“The decision demonstrates a disregard for democracy and the importance of listening to the people who will be most affected by these changes.”

AHHA would like to extend heartfelt thanks to those in the community who took the time to submit their views to the council and voice their opinions through various social media channels. Your efforts have made a significant impact and shown that the community can come together to stand up for their rights.

While we cannot change the council’s decision, AHHA wants to let the community know that the council’s actions show a concerning disregard for public opinion.
We urge residents to remain vigilant and continue to hold their local council accountable for decisions that directly impact their lives.

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